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Larry Talley

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Sherwood, AR


After 35 years as a nationally recognized Dallas artist, writer, and greeting card designer, Larry Talley has returned to his Arkansas tribal ground to continue an artistic career that offers a comprehensive spectrum of styles including representational work to enhance the style and decor of any room in your home.

Fine Art America's simplified process of selection, purchase, and ready-to-hang finished product makes it possible for you to avoid the hassle and retail expense of having to spend valuable time and energy seeking a quality framer in your area. Simply peruse the pages and galleries of TalleyArt, click on any image you like, and begin the effortless turnkey process of creating the professionally finished fine art piece you desire to add vitality and interest to your home or business space.

Choose: WRAPPED CANVAS PRINT, FRAMED PRINT, METAL PRINT, GREETING CARDS or a PRINT in a tube, as well as a variety of other giftable merchandise imprinted with your favorite TalleyArt image.

Framing your TalleyArt selection is further enhanced by wholesale prices and a simple-to-follow procedure of assembling your presentation-ready artwork in only five easy steps.

STEP ONE: Click the SIZE BUTTON and choose the size you want.

STEP TWO: Click the FRAME BUTTON. Choose from over 250 frames in different widths, styles and color.

STEP THREE: Click the MAT BUTTON. Talley recommends double matting for extra style and flair. After selecting the "top mat" color and thickness (a four inch or even larger mat is Talley's personal preferred choice for a superlative setting or environment for the art piece), scan down to the following box where you can select a second "bottom mat" to add a stylish finesse to your framed piece. You will see "include bottom mat": Talley Tip: A 1/4 inch to 1 full inch bottom mat definitely emphasizes and enhances the artwork, with lighter or softer colors generally creating a better appearance as it relates to the wider top mat.

STEP FOUR: Click the PAPER BUTTON. For most of his work, Talley recommends any of the three bottom paper choices - these enhance the metallic looks and gradations that bring his pieces to life in a way that he envisioned them at the time they were created.

STEP FIVE: Click the FINISH BUTTON which simply informs you that your framed piece will receive a first-quality plexiglass presentation with the framing instead of glass.


Urban Jungle by Larry Talley


Ghost Kiss by Larry Talley


Angel Soaring by Larry Talley


Angels - Archangel Michael by Larry Talley


Angels - Archangel Uriel by Larry Talley


Angels - Archangel Raguel by Larry Talley


Angels - Archangel Raphael by Larry Talley


Angels - Archangel Sariel by Larry Talley


Icarus by Larry Talley


Fallen Angel by Larry Talley


The Elders by Larry Talley


End Of The Road Bar - Shifty Sam by Larry Talley


End Of The Road Bar - Whiskey Willie by Larry Talley


End Of The Road Bar - Lulabelle by Larry Talley


King Tut by Larry Talley


Bulletproof Heart by Larry Talley


Bridge Of Sighs by Larry Talley


Ennui by Larry Talley


Serpent Moon by Larry Talley


Heart's Desire by Larry Talley


Sacre - Coeur Sunset by Larry Talley


Cosmic Geisha - Ululation Vibration by Larry Talley


Cosmic Geisha - Ululation Vibration 2 by Larry Talley


Cosmic Geisha - Meta Morph by Larry Talley


Cosmic Geisha - Dimension Hopping by Larry Talley


Cosmic Geisha - Starsailing by Larry Talley


Cosmic Geisha - Trapped In Computational Graffiti by Larry Talley


Cosmic Geisha - Angry Mountain Messenger by Larry Talley


Cosmic Geisha - Close Encounter by Larry Talley


The Insult by Larry Talley


Bettie Page by Larry Talley


Farewell Kiss by Larry Talley


Amazing Grace Jones by Larry Talley


Avenging Angel by Larry Talley


Leopard Louboutin by Larry Talley


Atlantis - Copper Ring Energy Alchemy by Larry Talley


Celtic Dragonfly by Larry Talley


The Treehouse by Larry Talley


Mindscape 1 by Larry Talley